Australian Unicycle
Hockey League

An awesome start to the 2016 AUHL season.

Three tournaments with three different winners, will we have a forth winner in round four?

Below is an updated yearly schedule list. 

AUHL 2016 is about to kick off, already lots of teams have been training hard and looking for a big year in 2016.

Along with the AUHL, 2016 is a Unicon and Uninats year giving us more hockey than you can poke a stick at.

We have tried to plan out the year as best we can to help everyone organize there sports calendar. Click Read more to see the 2016 Calender

Saturday 28th February 2015. So great seeing the new teams, new players, and seeing how teams will go with their new player line ups. A few teams were under-strength, big congratulations to the Vikings for the win, followed by the Stingrays in 2nd, and Riptides in 3rd. Can't wait to see how the season progresses. 


The results:
1 Vikings 
2 Stingrays 
3 Riptides 
4 The Communists

The 2015 AUHL season is done and dusted, on Dec 6th at the Mpowerdome in Canberra the A Championship was battled out. The top 5 teams in the league qualified for the tournament, the SWS Vikings, SWS Wombats, new to the championship finals were the Newtown Zombies, the Canberra Bushrangers and the rookie team of The Communists.

The 2014 Championship tournament was held  14.12.2014, at Maximum Skating in Smeaton Grange, Sydney.  A full size inline hockey rink which was larger than all the venues that the AUHL hosted this year, but the rink is world class, a pleasure to play hockey on. The league’s top 4 teams battled it out for the National Championship.  The Tournament results, which is the 2014 final placing’s are;

1st SWS Vikings

2nd SWS Wombats

3rd NBUC Stingrays

4th NBUC Riptides