Australian Unicycle
Hockey League

The 2015 AUHL season is done and dusted, on Dec 6th at the Mpowerdome in Canberra the A Championship was battled out. The top 5 teams in the league qualified for the tournament, the SWS Vikings, SWS Wombats, new to the championship finals were the Newtown Zombies, the Canberra Bushrangers and the rookie team of The Communists.

The SWS Vikings managed to win all their round games fighting hard for each win. The tighter battle was the fight for second spot, very close matches with every team getting 1 win, and it was up to the Wombats Vs Bushrangers last game to determine which other team would get their second win.  Everything was on the line with the looser coming 5th, and the winner in the gold medal match. An awesomely entertaining match with the Wombats getting their hairy nose in front winning 4:2.

The bronze playoff was between the Zombies and the Communists, This corresponding game in the rounds resulted in a 4:4 draw. This time the Youth of the Communists overcome the experience of the Zombies managing to edge in front, winning 4:3.

The gold medal match was between the SWS Vikings and SWS Wombats, The Wombats were the surprise team in the tournament, only being ranked 4th best during the regular season.  The wombats fought hard, even with Scott injuring his foot during the game. The Vikings were a bit more clinical, getting more shots on target and taking the win 9:3.

A week earlier the B championships were played out, with only the SWS Dropbears and Canberra Roos able to attend, and we had a couple of mixed teams to make a great draw of hockey. The SWS Dropbears took out the win, making it an SWS clean sweep of A and B championships in 2015.

Our 2015 final standings is:

1st SWS Vikings

2ns SWS Wombats

3rd The Communists

4th Newtown Zombies

5th Canberra Bushrangers

6th SWS Dropbears (B Champions)

7th Canberra Roos

8th NBUC  Stingrays

9th NBUC Riptide

Such a big year, and so much improvement in many teams, we are now starting to see dedicated goalies on a 24 inch wheel, teams training better, and playing more and more with great passing and team work.

Congratulations to all the AUHL players and teams, and a big thank you to all the people who made this league happen.

2016 is planning to be bigger and better, with a plan for a new entry level category to get new unicyclists involved. If you are new to unicycling please contact the AUHL or your local club to start playing unicycle hockey.

Have an awesome break, happy riding and stay tuned for all AUHL news coming soon.


Ashley Curtis.

Committee Chairman

Australian Unicycle Hockey League.